MA possesses almost all modern day equipment needed for execution of Buildings, Infrastructure and Telecommunication works. We own all necessary tools, machinery and plants from surveying to formwork, electricity generation and concrete mixing and lifting.


Serial No. Description Make Qty Ownership
1 Excavator with Jack Hammer Hitachi 1 Own    Rent        Others
2 Compactor Hitachi 3 Own    Rent        Others
3 Tractor Belarus 2 Own    Rent        Others
4 Water Bowser Local 2 Own    Rent        Others
5 Water Pump Local 25 Own    Rent        Others
6 Pick-up Toyota 2 Own    Rent        Others
7 Steel Shuttering (Sft) Local 100000 Own    Rent        Others
8 Scaffolding Pipes (Rft) Local 1000000 Own    Rent        Others
9 Scaffolding Joints Local 50000 Own    Rent        Others
10 Concrete Mixer Machine Local 7 Own    Rent        Others
11 Concrete Vibrator Hitachi 15 Own    Rent        Others
12 Steel Cutting Machine Local 2 Own    Rent        Others
13 Steel Bending Machine Local 2 Own    Rent        Others
14 Welding machine Local 5 Own    Rent        Others
15 Generator Petrol upto 10KVA Honda 4 Own    Rent        Others
16 Generator Diesel upto 100KVA China 4 Own    Rent        Others
17 Jack Hammer for Concrete Hilti 4 Own    Rent        Others
18 Total Station Nikon 2 Own    Rent        Others
19 Auto Level Nikon 5 Own    Rent        Others
20 GPS Garmin 5 Own    Rent        Others
21 Computer/Laptop Sony/HP 10 Own    Rent        Others
22 Printer HP 8 Own    Rent        Others